Son Lambert


Jason 'Son' Lambert has been existing on the fringes of the Portland music for a long time. Through the years, he has seen a lot of talented local performers, and with his solo debut, he finally gets the opportunity to showcase what he has learned from them. The eleven tracks on this album demonstrate a wide range of styles, from mellow classic alt country to synth-pop.

Appearing on the album are a number of local luminaries, including Elizabeth Burd from Over a Cardboard Sea, and Joshua Madore. Other local musicians include Jason Mallet on drums and Erin St. John of The World's Finest on mandolin and backing vocals. Co-produced by uber-engineer Marc Bartholomew at Acadia Studios and mastered at Peapod Studios by Ron Harrity, the project is a truly local production.

Son has has been writing songs for fifteen years plus now. Being able to put them on a recording for people to enjoy is something he has long wanted to do. This recording just scratches the surface of the material accumulated over the years. Besides the people he has played with over the years, influences include Ryan Adams, Death Cab for Cutie, and the classics (Zeppelin, Stones, Big Star, Gram Parsons, etc.).